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By the word of the Lord were heavens made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth. 
Psalm 33:6

Access Research Network--Origins and "Intelligent Design"
Affiliation of Christian Geologists
Answers In Genesis--Ken Ham
Ark Encounter--Answers In Genesis
Biblical Creation Society
Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity
Center for Scientific Creation--Dr. Walter Brown
Christian Answers Network--Biblical Answers to Contemporary    Issues
Creation Illustrated --publication
Creation Magazine
Creation Research Society
Creation Today
Debate - Duane Gish and Hugh Ross 
Debate - Phillip E. Johnson and Kenneth R. Miller
Disney-Pixar Promoting Evolution? Ken Ham Warns Parents About "The Good Dinosaur" Movie
Humans: images of God or advanced apes?
Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution
Institute For Creation Research
Institute for Creation Science
Internet Center for Creation Science
Misconceptions About Creation By Avery Foley
Noah's Ark Homepage--Noah's Ark, Creation, Theology
Origins--Intelligent Design
Origins Resource Association
The Origins Solution
Reasons to Believe--Hugh Ross
The Revolution Against Evolution-Doug Sharp's book, articles, etc.
Henry "Fitz" Schaefer Virtual Office
Scientific Accuracies of the Bible--Matt Slick
Search for Noah's Ark
True Origin--Intelligent Design
Why Christians Should Believe in a Global Flood
Why Intelligent Design Will Win

John MacArthur teaching on Genesis 1


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